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www.www.hillsandvalleys.in Or “Hills & Valleys.” does not entertain returns after the order is successfully placed and payment is made by the buyer. Buyers are requested to place the order only if they agree with this term.

www.www.hillsandvalleys.in Or “Hills & Valleys.” will accept exchange of the products purchased through the website www.www.hillsandvalleys.in, subject to the terms and conditions mentioned below…

  • Exchange requests will be entertained only in case the container of the product received by the buyer is in broken condition. Only such products will be considered for return and exchange thereafter.
  • Buyer has to inform www.www.hillsandvalleys.in Or “Hills & Valleys.” of his OR her intention to exchange such products within 48 hrs of receipt of the goods at his OR her shipping address.
  • Such products should be sent to “Hills & Valleys.” only after written email consent from www.www.hillsandvalleys.in Or “Hills & Valleys.” to send back the product.
  • All exchanges will be made after we receive the returned shipment of products. This is to confirm that you really received the products. The courier charges for returning the products will be borne by www.www.hillsandvalleys.in Or “Hills & Valleys.”.
  • Within 3 days of receipt of the courier, the products are to be sent back to the following address…

Govind Milk & Milk Products Pvt. Ltd.
Ganeshsheri Pandharpur Road,
Kolki Phaltan, Dist. Satara,
Phaltan 415 523 (Maharashtra) India.
Tel: (+91) 02166 221302/222538/221548
Fax: (+91) 02166 226025
Email: contact@hillsandvalleys.in


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